Our Charter With You - Treating Customers Fairly

At GSL Financial Consultants Ltd we believe that professional financial advice adds significant value to individuals and businesses. This value can be fully realised for you when working in partnership. We are here to help you. The more we understand you, what you want and what you believe, the better we can advise you. Your opinions count as much as your personal circumstances in determining the best solution to your needs.

As your partner in building wealth and security, we focus on ways that help you and your family live the life that you want to live. By engaging GSL Financial Consultants Ltd you assure yourself that we will :

The GSL Financial Consultants Ltd service

First Meeting

We offer an initial discussion (without charge) when we will describe our services more fully and explain the payment options. If you decide to go ahead, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your finances and financial objectives. This is when the adviser will ask you lots of personal questions about your finances. The questions will include what you have now, what you will have in the future, what your plans are or what you would wish to happen and, as important, what your attitude is to various scenarios. The more information you are prepared to give, the more the adviser will understand you and what you want and need.

At the end of the first meeting, you will have agreed that the adviser will spend time looking and planning for solutions to meet your needs. If, during this time, your circumstances change, let the adviser know, as this might affect the advice and recommendations.

Second Meeting

The adviser will present to you his advice and recommendations. This is usually at a face-to-face meeting, but might also be by way of a written report. You should not take or agree to any action unless you are fully happy and confident in the advice. The adviser will check your understanding and acceptance throughout the meeting so that you are really comfortable with the recommendations before taking action.


If you are investing in or purchasing products the adviser will follow up the advice and recommendations with a report of suitability. This can come in many forms, from a simple letter, a restatement of your demands and needs for insurance or a lengthy report. This will depend on the nature of the advice. The adviser will also carry out the transactions on your behalf.

The advice and recommendations might include what actions you should take (or not take) during the course of an investment or the term of the policy.

Ongoing Service

During your partnership with GSL Financial Consultants Ltd we will offer:

Ongoing review of changes to legislation that might affect your financial objectives.



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